Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ninjago Cake Tutorial

I made this Ninjago cake for a co-worker's grandson.  It was a pretty simple cake to make, but I ended up using LOTS of fondant.  The cake was eight inches in diameter and about six inches high by the time that I finished.

I started by baking a dense vanilla cake, since I knew that the fondant would end up being fairly heavy and I didn't want it to collapse (that would be terrible!).

I baked five layers and leveled four of the layers.  I left the fifth layer rounded to give the cake a slightly rounded top. Then I filled and frosted the cake and covered it with yellow fondant.  Since my fondant wasn't super smooth, I rolled and cut another piece of yellow fondant to use as the face and attached it with some piping gel.

Next, I rolled out two rectangular pieces of blue fondant, rolled one edge under on each rectangle, and attached them to the sides of the face.

Then I cut a long strip of blue fondant to go around the cake.  I folded over each end of the strip to make a second pleat on each side that slightly overlapped the first.  I cut off the excess around the bottom.

Next, I rolled up a piece of fondant and added an arch of fondant over the front/top section of the cake (to look like a pleat when I added the top piece of fondant).

For the top portion, I rolled out a large piece of blue fondant and shaped it around the face by rolling it under.  Then I pulled the sides back, creating pleats and rolling the edges under, bringing the ends together in the back near the bottom of the head.  I cut away all of the excess so that there would be space for my knot later on.  (Sorry for all of the corn starch in the photos... That's what I was using to roll out my fondant, and it made quite a mess!)

For the bottom portion of the mask, I rolled out a long rectangle of fondant and folded it over itself a couple of times to create pleats.  Then I shaped it around the face, attaching it with piping gel and tucked the ends under the edge of the cake.

To make the eyes, I found a picture online by Googling "printable Ninjago eyes."  I think that I ended up downloading the first one that I stumbled upon.  Then I resized it to be 6x3 inches (the approximate dimensions of the face of this cake) and I printed it out.  I cut out one of the eyebrows and used it as a template to cut the eyebrows for the face.  For the eyes, I used a frosting tip to cut circles of black fondant.  Then I used the wax paper transfer method (like I used for my polka dot cake in my previous post) to attach the eyes/eyebrows to the face.  If you're not familiar with this method, here are the steps:

* Place printed Ninjago face picture under a piece of wax paper.
* Put a light coating of vegetable shortening on the wax paper.
* Place the eyes and eyebrows onto the wax paper.
* Spread a small amount of piping gel onto the eyes/eyebrows.
* Pick up the piece of wax paper and place it onto the cake where you want the eyes to be.
* Peel the wax paper away.

I added a small dot of white fondant to each eye.

The last piece that I added was the knot/tails.  For the tails, I cut out two eightish-inch long pieces of fondant with pointy ends.  I stuck one end of each tail under the back/bottom of the cake, and I brought the other end around the side so that the tails could be seen from the front of the cake.  Then I pinched them together in various places to add some dimension.  For the knot, I rolled out a strip of fondant, rolled the sides under, and created a ball shape.  Then I pressed it onto the back of the cake (where the mask and tails came together), attaching it with piping gel.

And that's it!


  1. It could have been enough to use small square of yellow fondant that apears at the end and not a full cover the cake with yellow fondant's a question ��...
    Great work��

  2. Thank you! This will be so helpful for my son's cake. You have a great eye for the details.

  3. This looks amazing! great work, can't wait to try it myself!

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